The full name of this document is Employee Value, Freedom, and Responsibility and evolves our culture as we grow. Our last main update was in July 2019.

<aside> ☝ we've updated our cultural principles for 2020 and forward, check them out here.


🎳 I. Workplace Values

How we choose who to work with.

All of us are responsible to ensure we live the following values. It means we hire and reward people demonstrating them, and let go those lacking them. You have the obligation to hold your executive team and managers accountable for what we’re saying our culture should be.

[Rev1] First revision added in July 2019.

  1. We support colleagues in their personal growth regardless of their outcome at Polarr.
  2. We're obsessed with the quality of our creations, more than being first-to-deliver. [Rev1]
  3. We work with a diverse group of extraordinary people we love and respect.
  4. We’re long-term, end-user focused thinkers committed to the truth.
  5. We're driven by and committed to big and transparent goals. [Rev1]
  6. We make an impact with curiosity and courage.
  7. We act in Polarr’s best interest.
  8. We communicate accurately.
  9. We pursue excellence.
  10. Humbly creative.